If you haven't seen a Jr. Dragster,
then you haven't seen the future
of drag racing. The Oxford Dragway
Jr. Drag Racing Series offers kids
ages 8-17 a chance to race
half-scale dragsters in a controlled
environment long before they can
obtain a state driver's license.
The cars raced are called Jr. Dragsters and are half-scale
versions of Top Fuel
dragsters. Using a five-horsepower, single-cylinder engine,
a Jr. Dragster can go as
fast as 85 mph and as quick as 7.90 seconds in an

Competition in the Jr. Drag Racing Series is equalized by a
handicapped starting
system, and classes are usually split into age groups, which
helps keep racers of the
same skill level together. This division is designed to help
build the ranks of
tomorrow's stars while providing a fun family activity. And if
you think that Jr. drag racing is just for the boys, think
again. Of all Jr. Dragster drivers, about 35 percent are girls.
How's that for girl power?

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