Repeat after me... M-I-S-S-I-L-E!!

Yes, you read it right!
Snowmobiles racing on
asphalt!! Imagine 15" of rubber,
with gobs of horsepower
launching at full throttle. Better
keep close watch on these bad
boys because when the light
turns green...they are GONE!
The Sled and Bike progam is
open to all types of snowmobiles
and motorcycles that can meet
the required E.T. and rules as
described in the handbook.

Proudly Sponsored By:
The Sleds and Bike series runs on Friday nights
throughout the season, as well as a Quick 8 Series
sponsored by Woody's Yamaha taking place on selected
Saturday race dates. Check our Schedule for specific
race dates. Stop by to witness some of the fastest
accelerating machines on ashpalt!