Up for a little friendly competition?
Got a grudge to settle with you buddy?
Stop in and run our ever growing
street program.
Any street driven, registered, Maine
state inspected vehicle is eligible for
this class. No slicks or open exhaust
are allowed..
Everything from your wife's grocery getter (we won't tell her), to the
new sports car you have been saving up for is eligible to run. This
class is also open to the new Sport Tuner type vehicles taking the
country by storm.

Speed is not the important factor is bracket racing. It is about being
consistent on each pass down the track. Image a Yugo beating out a
new Z06 Corvette! It happens!!!

So after you have given our test and tune program a try, and you
decide you want to continue with the fun, join our street program
and watch for the win light in your lane!
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