We've all heard the saying "If you
can't play with the big dogs, stay
on the porch". Well let me tell you,
the are a whole lot of empty seats
on that porch when it comes to our
Top Eliminator series.

Top Eliminator series
provides some of the fastest, side
by side racing to be offered. From
Dragsters, to altereds, to the
doorslammers, prepare for a show
you will not soon forget.
With the use of modern electronics such as delay boxes
and crossover boxes, these machines provide some of the
best reaction times recorded. That all leads up to some very
exciting competition.

Be sure to stop by and view these amazing machines while
wandering the pit area.

Top Eliminator series runs on Saturday race dates
throughout the season. Be sure to check our Schedule and
stop by to check them out.
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